We use the Linkamats in 6 clubs throughout Cambridgeshire. We have been using them for the last 20 years and they have provided us with excellent, easy and safe training and competition areas. They are lightweight enough for even the smallest children to help put out and put away, but thick enough to be safe for even the heavyweight judoka. They are both cost effective and long lasting which makes them the perfect choice for any busy martial arts club.
Paddy Swallow – Kyoshi, 7th Dan MGRY | Director of Judo for Ishin Ryu | Senior Instructor Kanazawa Budo Clubs


We are a mobile soft play company and cater for children 0 –4 years. We use the Sportag mats for our weekly soft play sessions and also for private party hire – children’s parties, christenings, weddings etc. Because the mats are so thick they are far superior to many of the other thin mats used by others – they give more protection against little tumbles!
Amanda and Debbie Barnes | KreepieKrawlies

I have used your mats in Buckinghamshire since 2001, and the Essex branches of Park Lodge have used them for 30 years or more at least.
We are very happy with the set of mats that we got from you last year. They replaced a much older set that at over 20 years old were getting a little fragile, although they are still a serviceable spare set for our club.
Since getting these mats we have acquired a transit van, transforming our Buckinghamshire club into a fully mobile unit. My mobile club has allowed me to expand, and I am currently negotiating with new venues to open new club locations from January. It’s another step forward for our clubs and only possible because the mats are so easy to move about.
Holly Hudson | Park Lodge Judo Jujitsu Kai

Since the early 70’s I have practiced on and experienced different types of Mats.
Having purchases my first Linkamat in 1980, I can honestly say that to this day I still have not seen or trained on anything that is as practical as the Linkamat.
Its size and lightweight constituent are perfect for easy storage or even transporting from club to club in a small trailer or van. Its warm and soft texture and density, make it by far the most preferred mat within our organisation especially with the children.
To Quote “Often copied but never beaten” is a testament to your original design.
Ross Iannoccaro 7th Dan Jujutsu | former President National Jujutsu Council | former GB Director World Martial Arts Games

I’ve been using the Linkamats for 6 years and I’m extremely satisfied with the product. Being light-weight and durable they are ideal to transport from one venue to another. The mats are used daily with over 500 children practicing on them over a weekly period. They’ve proved ideal for falling and landing from throws. I strongly recommend these mats for any combat sport.
Matt Divall | Professional judo coach & GB International