What’s different about Sportag® Linkamats?

The design, the material, and our company!

The “links” on the Sportag® Linkamat were designed to stay in place during use, yet separate easily when the mats are lifted. It’s a small detail, but a crucial one!

The material is unique – our mats are manufactured from LD45 Plastazote, made in the UK. It’s exceptionally light yet strong – you can read more about it here.

And our company – from development and design, through manufacture and delivery, we aim to supply mats that will give you superior performance and outstanding durability. That’s what makes Sportag® Linkamats the perfect choice.

Where can I buy Sportag® Linkamats?

We are the sole UK manufacturer and distributor – contact us by email or on 01908 579392

Why can’t I buy online?

We may introduce online sales in the future, but in the meantime we’re happy to take orders by phone or post, and we accept payment by cheque or bank transfer. Cards are not accepted. It also gives us a chance to talk to our customers!

Are the same mats suitable for children and adults?

Absolutely – though the mats are light enough to be carried by children, their impact protection is outstanding.

How quickly can I have my mats?

Depending on the colour, quantity required and your location, we normally deliver within 10 working days.

What sizes are available?

Mats can be supplied in our standard size of 145 x 92 cms, and also 100 x 100cms. Two thicknesses are available, 29mm and 42mm. We also offer corner and edge trim in matching or contrasting colours.

I’d like my mats in different colours – can you offer this?

Standard colours are red and black, and we can also offer blue, green and yellow. From time to time we have special colours available, so it’s always best to contact us to check. All our mats are fully reversible.

Can I try the mats before I buy them?

We are happy to send small samples by post – or why not check the clubs on our Links page and see if there’s one in your area. Our mats are also used at a number of tournaments every year – check our homepage for details.

How long will my Sportag® Linkamats last?

We’ve recently replaced some mats which had been in steady use for 20 years – while we don’t guarantee our mats for this length of time, this isn’t unusual.

Do you offer a club discount?

Yes, we do! Please contact us for details